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    * I offer a variety of Native American Star
    Quilt patterns which I designed and created
    over the years in my star quilt business.
    * I also offer my very easy beginner's book,
    "Creating the Native American Star Quilt,
    Vol. 1:  A Beginner's Workbook."

    * If you like adding eagle feathers, medicine
    wheels, and other Native American designs to
    your star quilts, I have patterns for these too.

Please notice:  I've been sewing star quilts since 1988,
but now I'm retired and I no longer take orders for star
quilts.  I'm so sorry.  I hope you enjoy browsing my
Photo Galleries of all the many star quilts I've made over
the years!
Thank you to all of my wonderful customers, families, friends, and acquaintances for
your continued love and support since 1988.
Diane's Native American Star Quilts
    Native American Star Quilt
In business since 1988. Voted #1 on the internet.
Jenny Childers and Diane Hill 2016
Diane's Native American Star Quilts:  PATTERNS, BOOKS, DESIGNS
Native American Star Quilt BOOKS
Diane's Native American Star Quilts:  Native Designs
Diane's Native American Star Quilts:  Native Designs
Diane's Native American Star Quilts: Native Designs
STORES and VENDORS INVITED.  Wholesale prices available with
minimum order.  For details please email me at
diane@nativeamericanstarquilts.net .
Diane's Native American Star Quilts:  Star Quilt PATTERNS
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Diane's Native American Star Quilts PATTERNS
R.I.P. Al my friend.
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Diane's Native American Star Quilts PATTERNS BOOKS DESIGNS
Native American fabrics for sale

UPDATE Jan. 2, 2017:  This is an email that I sent to a very nice woman this morning.  I have shared it on
Facebook this morning so that everyone will be up to date on my star quilting activities.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  
I wish the very very best for everyone.  
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Good morning Anne,

Oh gosh....!  I'm so pleased to say that you are the very first person in 2017 to ask about having a quilt
made.  That's so sweet and cool.  But...  I no longer am accepting orders.  What I'm doing now is just using
my creativity to sew up some beautiful star quilts that I want to make, and sell them on my website.  I think
people will LOVE my original quilts...  I hope you will too.

I really do apologize that I can't help you.  I feel just terrible turning you down.  But gee, I just turned 68 years
old, and was awfully sick for a year...  And now my priorities have changed just a little bit.  I will, quite
honestly, have total freedom in the future to "do as I want."  It's going to be awesome.  So I hope you can
forgive me.  

Thank you so much,
Diane Hill
Standing With A Star Woman

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